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10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools Download Part 2

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10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools Download Part 2

10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools Download Part 2

11. inSSIDer

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inSSIDer is one of the most successful Wi-Fi scanners for Microsoft Windows and OS X stages. This tool was issued under open source license and also given as “Best Open Expert Software in Networking”. Later it became the premium tool and now costs $19.99. The inSSIDer Wi-Fi scanner can do different tasks, including seeing open Wi-Fi access points, following signal strength, and saving logs with GPS works. Basically, this tool is used by network administrators to find the effects in the wireless networks. 10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools Download Part 2

Download inSSIDer: http://www.inssider.com/

12. Wifiphisher

Wifiphisher has added a nice hacking tool to get the password of a wireless network. This tool can do fast automatic phishing attack against a Wi-Fi wireless network to take passwords. This tool gets pre-installed on Kali Linux. It is free to use and is free for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Download and read more about WiFiphisher:

13. KisMac

KisMac is tool very much related to Kismet, we added in the list above. It offers points similar to Kismet and is used as wireless network learning hacking tool. As the name hints, this tool is only possible for Mac. It scans for networks quietly only on firm wireless cards and then tries to crack WEP and WPA keys by using brute strength or using any flaw.

Download KisMac:

14. Reaver

A reader is an open-source tool for making brute force attack against WPS to recover WPA/WPA2 pass keys. This tool is hosted on Google Code and may die soon if the developer has not moved it to another platform. It was last updated around 4 years ago. Related to other tools, this tool can be a good alternative to different tools in the list which uses related attack method.

Download Reaver:

15. Wife

A wife is also a nice tool which supports cracking WPS encrypted networks via the user. It works on Linux-based working systems. It allows various nice features linked to password cracking.

Download Wife: https://github.com/derv82/wifite


16. WepDecrypt

WepDecrypt is extra wireless LAN tool written in C language. This tool can select the WEP keys by performing a dictionary attack, filed network attack, key dynamo, and some other methods.10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools Download Part 2. This tool needs few books to work. You can read more features on the download page. A tool is not so attractive but it is good for newcomers to see how dictionary attack works.

Download and read more about WepDecrypt:

17. OmniPeek

OmniPeek is a packet sniffer and network packages analyzer tool. This tool is only free for Windows floor and is ready for company use only. It also wants you to have good information about network protocols and knowledge of network packets. It works with most of the network interface cards accessible in a market. With free plugins, this tool can become more strong. Around 40 plugins are already possible to extend the uses of this tool.

Download OmniPeek: http://www.wildpackets.com/products/distributed_network_analysis/omnipeek_network_analyzer

18. CloudCracker

CloudCracker is an online key cracking tool to crack WPA keys of a Wireless network. This tool can also be managed to crack various other kinds of password mixtures. You only need to upload the handshake file and list the network name to start the attack. With 3000 million words long encyclopedia, this tool is most possible to crack the password. This tool is also used for MD5, SHA, and few other cracking. It is also an effective tool and worth to discuss if we talk about wireless cracking tools.

See CloudCracker: https://www.cloudcracker.com/

19. CommonView for Wi-Fi

CommonView for Wi-Fi is also a popular broadcast network monitor and package analyzer tool. It comes with easy to follow and use GUI to work with. This tool is primarily for Wi-Fi network admins and security experts who want to monitor and troubleshoot network associated problems. It works fine with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/as networks. It takes every single packet and lets you see useful knowledge of the network. You can also get useful information like protocol configuration, access points, signal strength and more.10 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools Download Part 2. This tool allows key information about a network and has a great value for network admins.

Download CommonView: http://www.tamos.com/products/commwifi/

20. Pyrit

Pyrite is also a very useful tool which lets you perform the attack on IEEE 802.11 WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication. This tool is free for free and is hosted on Google Code. SO, it could be leaving in coming months. It works on the range of programs including FreeBSD, MacOS X, and Linux.

It performs brute-force attack to crack the WPA/WPA-2 passwords. It is very useful and I suggest you try it once. Due to its effectiveness, it was necessary to mention this tool in this list.

Download Pyrit:

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